We can't do this without you

It takes a lot of work to run a ranch, and we are always looking for help! There are many moving parts along with making sure the animals are cared for. If there is something you enjoy doing, from grooming horses to taking pictures, let us know! But first, enroll in our volunteer orientation:

Volunteer Orientation

Volunteer Orientation is 2-3 hour class where you learn the "in' and out's" of the ranch. You will learn how to do chores, horse safety, and how to handle, groom, and feed the horses, clean stalls and operate equipment. Register for our volunteer orientation in our registration tab. Once you completed Volunteer Orientation, you are free to schedule times to volunteer when your available. Here are some areas to volunteer:

Horse Care

We always can use help feeding and grooming the horses in the morning, leading them into the pasture, and cleaning their stalls.


12 acres is a lot of grass! If you like to mow or weed-whip, weed and maintain flower beds, or clean up the grounds, you have found your happy-place!

Construction Projects

We are always looking for specialists, from electrical to plumbing, to framing. We have projects fixing our our barn, putting in fencing, wiring lights, or simply painting!

Become an Instructor

2nd Chance Youth Ranch is looking for horse instructors for riding lessons. Or, if you are willing to supervise volunteers or mentor a youth, we have a spot for you!