Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission


Our mission is to promote healing and restoration in individuals and their families through faith-based equine opportunities, while teaching accurate theology about God's true nature and character.

Here at 2nd Chance Youth Ranch we provide a opportunity for youth and adults to come and enjoy time at this beautiful peaceful place to get renewed and find healing and God's perfect, unconditional love. By pairing kids and horses together, this allows them to become each other’s stories of hope and healing. A horse can tread where no one else can go. They can break down the boundaries and the walls that keep us stuck in that hopeless negative place. A horse can help bring that broken soul to the ah ha moments and emotional breakthroughs that can bring emotional healing. 

Life’s issues can be challenging and difficult to work through. Horses can have great impact on health and healing for youth and families. Horses are experts at reading non-verbal communication and offers authentic feedback. Horses naturally provide countless teachable moments and life lessons in patience, trust, respect, communication, overcoming obstacles, problem solving, working with others, listening and relationship skills. Along the way self esteem begins to build as well as confidence, responsibility, giving, learning about self and others, strengthens verbal and non verbal communication, assertiveness and leadership skills. 

Animals have a unique ability to reach out in amazing ways especially to those who are hurting. Horses do not discriminate or are influenced by image, race, age or popularity or what you wear or what kind of car you drive. They validate the actions around them and are highly effective teachers in life and relationship skills. A horse can bring hope to one who has lost hope, trust to those who feel they can trust. Authentic hope can mend a heart, renew the spirit and empower the mind and reach for that dream in life.

2nd Chance is a faith based program that offers a wonderful opportunity for anyone especially those who are hurting in some way to come and embrace hope within a healing circle of love and support. Enjoy a fun filled day on the ranch creating new friendships of both the human and animal kind.

Our Vision

 Our vision is to develop programs to continue to foster youth coming into contact with God's perfect and healing love. Through providing activities that bring youth into contact with horses, along with teaching them the truth of God's nature and character, the love of God will conquer any situation that presents itself.