Healing, restoration, horses, & God's Love

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring healing and restoration to the hearts of our youth and their families through teaching accurate theology about God's loving nature and character along side faith-based equine opportunities.

Here at 2nd Chance Youth Ranch we provide a opportunity for youth to come and enjoy time at this beautiful peaceful place to get renewed and find healing in God's perfect, unconditional love. Through pairing youth and horses together in an environment established in God's Word, a journey of healing and restoration can begin. 

Horses have a unique ability to break down boundaries and walls that keep healing and restoration from taking place. They have a way of opening up the hearts and minds of youth. Once a heart is open, it is primed for seeds of God's perfect and unconditional love to be planted, rooted, and then bear the fruit of healing and restoration in God's  love through his Word. 

2nd Chance is a faith based program that offers a wonderful opportunity for anyone, especially those who are hurting, in some way to come and embrace hope within a healing circle of love and support. Enjoy a fun filled day on the ranch creating new friendships of both the human and animal kind, and most importantly, the Word of God.


Our Vision

 Our vision is to develop programs to continue to foster youth coming into contact with God's perfect and healing love. Through providing activities that bring youth into contact with horses, along with teaching them the truth of God's nature and character, an environment of healing and restoration is created to impact the lives of our youth.