Volunteering FAQs

What is considered seasonal volunteering?

Those individuals who are able to volunteer weekly for three or more consecutive months are considered seasonal volunteers. Irregularities in schedule due to vacations, sickness, etc. are of course excused.

What is considered short-term volunteering?

Volunteers who are unable to commit to weekly volunteer visits are considered short-term. These individuals are able to find time to give at the ranch on an irregular basis, just once for a short time period, or for a short time every year.  We want to fully include these giving hearts in our program as much as possible!

When can I volunteer?

Volunteering is limited to open ranch hours. We are careful to ensure the privacy of our neighbors limiting volunteer opportunities to regular ranch hours and special volunteer days or special project days.

All approved volunteers will be scheduled according to availability and need.

Can I work with children and horses?

The opportunity to work with kids and horses in a mentor/riding instructor capacity is reserved for our consistent adult volunteers. We ask that these volunteers first assist the ranch in other ways. This gives them the opportunity to get acquainted with our system and gives us the opportunity to train them in our method of teaching.

A criminal background check will also be completed to ensure the ranch remains a safe place for kids. Volunteers must also complete CPR, First Aid, and HSA certifications before they are able to teach lessons independently.

Why is there so much maintenance work to be done at the ranch?

Many visitors ask for nothing more than the chance to sit a while and bask in its peaceful environment. Consequently, much of the volunteer work available involves improving the appearance of the ranch. Apart from our efforts to make 2nd Chance Youth Ranch a beautiful place, it is a ranch! By definition there is always plenty of work to be done.

Does the ranch offer any financial assistance to volunteers?

2nd Chance Youth Ranch does not have the ability to assist volunteers with food, housing, or traveling expenses. However, expenses related to volunteer activities may be tax deductible. Please contact your CPA or consult the IRS for further information.

Can I bring my children when I volunteer?

Of course! Kids are what we are all about. We do not have childcare, however. It is your responsibility not our volunteer’s responsibility to watch your children that are not scheduled for the program session   while they are here, and a close eye is necessary as there are many fun and dangerous things to play with here at the ranch.

Can I volunteer outside of ranch open hours?

For the most part, all of our on-site volunteering happens during regular ranch open hours. In some circumstances, we may arrange different hours for established volunteers who have a pre-assigned tasks or special projects that require more time to complete etc.

What if I can’t be there with my child volunteer?

For those children that have been accepted in to our youth volunteer program, as a parent if you feel you will not be able to join them regularly, we can discuss the possibilities of them sharing here independently after they have been to the ranch a few times with you. This gives us the opportunity to evaluate their readiness to work without parental involvement.

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