"My daughter loves the ranch so much! It gives her a place to be her own person, to enjoy the horses, love them and feel their love back to her. It’s a place where her confidence grows and the ability to find who she is as she’s going through those tough teenage years. Thank you 2nd Chance Youth Ranch."
- Tammy H.

"Robin is AMAZING with my kids! The ranch is beautiful and the horses are great!"
-Tristin P.

"I just spent the day at 2nd Chance Youth Ranch with a group of AWESOME women and faith-filled inspirational speakers. I left that beautiful place with a heart full of faith and hope. Wonderful!"
- Jenna M.

"Love it! Family Friendly...."
- Tammie K.

"I am blessed by 2nd chance youth ranch and all that they do.   It is a home away from home where you can connect with dogs and horses.  2nd Chance shines God’s light and it has impacted me."
- Ashley (18)

"2nd chance youth ranch is very fun and has a great teaching program with the horses.  They also spread God’s word and his light."
- Rachel (9)

"I love coming out and helping with the ranch chores and getting to know the other volunteers.   There is something to do for everyone whether you’re an animal person or not."
- Heather (15)

"My favorite horse is Annie because of her caring spirit l.  She is a sweetheart and she is easy to connect with.  I love her heart and her spirit.  She helps me realize what’s on my heart and what I am passionate about."
- A.G.

"My favorite horse is Stella because she is so sweet and understands what you want. She is bright and caring she is easy to get to know."
- R.G. (9)

"My favorite horse is Solomon he is an Arabian.  He is beautiful, gentle, stubborn sometimes and very funny."
- Anonymous

"My favorite horse is Dee.  The thing I like about her is she is active and fun to be around.  I feel comfortable around her. She is a really pretty horse all her gates are smooth and graceful."
- Joe (13)

"My favorite dog out of the pack is Dakota he is a Belgian mellinouir who is always willing to help out with chores as long as you play fetch or tug-of-war with him.  My second favorite is Angel a border collie mix who is such a sweetie and loves attention."
- Heather

"I like Cody because he’s just the right size for me. He’s friendly. He listens to me. He’s cute and soft.  The dog I like best is Dakota because he is playful and friendly.  I like going to the farm because I like working with all the animals."
– Sarah (9)

"The 2nd chance youth ranch is an amazing ranch. The people there truly have a passion for what they do and love to share it with others."
- Lauren K.

"I love coming to the 2nd chance youth ranch. The people there are always so welcoming and I always walk away with more knowledge than when I came. I love getting to interact with all the animals and the environment is so welcoming."
- Katriel A.

I love being a part of the ranch and being able to help out in anyway possible. It’s awesome to experience different activities with awesome people!
- Jessica K.

"I recently had the opportunity to work with Mike, who does equine assisted therapy at 2nd Chance Youth Ranch. He is a gentle soul with a heart for people and a gift for providing equine therapy. This was a very unique experience as he led me (or should I say, the horse led me) through some tough situations I had encountered. Equine therapy is a powerful tool, bringing healing and hope to a wounded heart. Thank you, Mike, for taking time with me to see more clearly. And thank you, 2nd Chance Youth Ranch, for providing the opportunity. It was truly amazing and I hope to experience it again."
- DeeAnn Vinje

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