Parents Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I schedule my children for a 2ndCYR Session?
Calling is the best and quickest way right now to connect with us.  Our season opens in May and runs through October . start scheduling during the winter months for our spring, summer and fall events and programs.  Volunteer opportunities are year round.   There will be NO riding in the winter months.  April and May our volunteer needs become greater more opportunities are available weather permiting in spring time.   The summer programs start in June and go through August.  Fall schedule starts Sept through November.    Call us to discuss your interest for volunteer opportunities,  day camp or progam sign up  that you are interested in getting more information on.

Who needs a completed release form to be on ranch grounds?
Everyone! Because of the unpredictable nature of horses and ranch life, you and each person you bring is required to have our current release form on file or completed first thing on arrival. Release forms must be renewed at the start of every year. Our insurance dictates that anyone who does not have a current/complete release form cannot be allowed involvement in our activities and programs.

Do I need to stay on the property during my child’s session?
Yes if your child is 7 or under. Though parents are free to rest at the picnic tables, rest in the arts and craft barn or next to the fire on cold days or stay in their car in the parking area, we require that parents stay on the property during their child’s session.

Though we request that you be on the property during your child’s sessions, we understand that you may be out of sight from the courtyard area if you have gone to wait in your car in the parking lot. In this circumstance, we ask that you please let the office staff know so we can locate you quickly in case of an emergency. It is also helpful to let your child know where you are as well.

Age 8 and above not necessarily.   But we do ask that you are able to return to the ranch if needed within a short amount of time if needed.

Will my child always ride during his or her session?

There may be times when your child will not ride during his or her session. According to the staff member’s discretion or the child’s wishes, they may take part in any number of alternate activities during their session, including ranch chores, crafts, games, etc.

2nd Chance Youth Ranch aims to offer mentorship, ranch-style activities, healthy friendships and horse rehabilitation involvement  to youth in our community. Our riding lessons are a conduit towards these goals. Although we aspire to help your child become a safe rider who understands and cares for horses, our main goal is not to produce “accomplished” riders.
What should my child wear to lessons?
Our season opens in May and runs thru October.  Due to the unpredictable weather in Central Minnesota we recommend paying close attention to the clothes your child wears to his/her session. Layers are a good idea for rapid weather changes.



Long Pants

Cowboy boots or riding boots preferably.

sturdy shoes with closed toes and closed heels or shoes with boot heals,  riding boots.

We are ALWAYS  taking donations of cowboy boots in all sizes, children, youth, men’s and women’s  so if you don’t have anything we will hopefully have a size that will fit you here that you can wear for the day.



Sunscreen and chapstick

bug spray

snack if needed


Shorts sleeves (no spaghetti straps)
Hat (for sun protection – we supply helmets for riding)


Several layers of clothes (as the weather moderates you can help them shed layers)
Warm Coat
Knit Cap
Warm socks
Canister of a warm drink

How often can I expect my child to be scheduled at 2ndCYR?
Check our calendar of events pages for programs, events and volunteer days for what you are looking for.  If there is another time that you would like to come out please call us for more info on  available times in our schedule.

What happens if something comes up and we cannot make it to a session?
We would appreciate a call at 24-48 hours in advance to allow us enough time to give another child from our waiting list an opportunity to adjust their schedule for that appointment as well as our own schedule if needed. However, we understand unexpected schedule changes do occur last minute. If this is the case, please call 763-226-4471 as soon as possible.

Can I bring my children’s friends to the ranch to play and watch while my child rides?

Currently not at this time.    Your other children  are welcome to the ranch if needed. However, you must bring a completed release form in their name to our offices before the child will be allowed to be involved in ANY activities at the ranch or staying on the grounds during the scheduled session time of your child that is signed up.  At this time we cannot accommodate extra kids on the grounds due to our program schedule and our one to one ratio, duties of our volunteers and for safety reasons .   Remember anyone that does come with you must have a form and the legal guardian MUST be the one to complete the form.    Please call our office if you have any questions about the release forms. We will be happy to assist you.

Please be considerate of the children that are currently taking part in a scheduled  session by allowing the staff member’s attention and guidance to be focused only on the child they are working with. As the adult bringing additional children, you are responsible for them during their visit and keeping them  out of the session areas and in the designated areas.

How can my child get involved in the Junior Volunteer Program?
We love for participants in our program to also be involved in our junior volunteer program. This year, the Youth Volunteer Program is available by referral. If your child is participating in our Session Program, and has a heart to serve, they can ask their session leader if they would consider referring them to our Volunteer Team. If the leader feels they are at the age/maturity level necessary for this focused program, the leader will make a referral to our volunteer team for your child.

Do you offer any additional meetings for families outside of your horsemanship program?

We regularly hold family Fellowship gatherings, musical events, spring and fall round-up, teen girls event, women’s event, men’s event, breast cancer event, family events, day camp weeks, fundraising opportunities etc.   If you would like more information on any of these upcoming/annual events, please  check out our event calendar page and call with any questions.

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