How to Help

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Many Ways to Support There are many ways you can support us and work with us.  Some categories of needs that we consistently need help with are listed below.  We also need help with volunteers year around and seasonal. There are many different tasks and chores around the ranch that we would appreciate help with. If you fall […]

Our Team

At 2nd Chance Youth Ranch there are so many people that work together volunteering, providing leadership as part of our supporting ranch hands. We truly are blessed to have so many people help us launch and bring a dream to reality. We can’t thank everyone enough and enjoy meeting new and wonderful people all the time at the […]

Help Us – Our Wish List

Wish List

Spring and summer have come and gone so quickly   With that comes a lot of work getting the ranch ready for the summer programs.  More supplies need to be purchased, programs and events planned and funded etc.   Take a look and see where you can volunteer your time and talent and financially give […]


What a day at the ranch will look like…

Please be on time and come ready to work on the farm.  Dress appropriately for farm work and the weather!  You might want to bring a change of clothes to go home in – just in case you need them.

Thinking about you and what you might need…. we prepared a donation room of cowboy boots, socks,  jeans etc.    Hopefully we will be able to provide you with what you may need for the day if you do not have ranch-appropriate clothing and boots.

Keep in mind that we have a schedule to follow with our volunteers. Starting on time and ending on time is critical for the respect of the staff, volunteers and their families – as well as our neighbors! Contact us for remaining 2014 hours!


Meet the Animals

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      Stella is a palomino quarter horse. We have owned this beauty for 3 years. She came to us with a stifle condition and now arthritis in her knee so her use is somewhat limited. She is such a sweetheart and is a favorite of many that have been out! She is so beautiful and photogenic […]

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      Annie Annie is a palomino quarter horse. She was recently donated to our ranch along with a pasture mate. She has had 7 other owners in her life and has been a show horse for a least a few of them. She is very sweet and good natured. We are happy to have her […]

  • Bio Gucci 480x300


    Gucci is a 5 year old buckskin quarter horse mare.  She is the youngster and the curious one of the bunch. Gucci is not a morning horse and often gets up on the wrong side of the stall! With her breeding she should be in the show ring! Maybe someday!   One day we would […]

  • Bio-Cody 480x300


    Cody is 9 years old and worth his weight in gold! His story is not known other than some pleasure showing with the family before us. His time with us we know he can do anything! English, western, games, jumping and loves to pull the buggy around like a pro! He is the “boss” of […]

  • Bio-Penny 480x300


    PENNY Our ranch mascot Penny is our 2nd rescue dog. We think she is a collie/sheppard mix. When she was 8 months old she was in a farming accident and had to have her front leg amputated. When we saw her we fell in love with her and new she was perfect for loving on […]

  • Chloe in Sun


    Chloe is Meghan’s rescue dog. She was a puppy mill puppy, had at least one litter before she was 2 yrs. Old herself. Luckily all the dogs there at the mill were rescued and we found her at one of the pet adoption days at Petsmart. When Meghan saw her from literally across the room […]

  • Bio-Rocky 480x300


    Rocky is the character of the bunch and as you can see very photogenic! He always talks to us when we come home and he is the alarm clock in the morning for breakfast and also at 5:00 for dinner. He loved Riley when she came home and they are best buds!